All services are available in Spanish. Services are also available to rural communities of Albion, Superior, and Red Cloud, Nebraska via a secure online therapy format. Please call us at 402-472-5035 or email our clinic at for more information.

Couples Therapy

Our therapists are specially trained in working with couples and treat the relationship, not two individuals, as their client. Whether you’re looking to enrich your marriage, learn how to better problem solve, improve your communication with your partner, or regain connection after a breach of trust, our therapists will provide effective, evidence-based treatment to help you meet your goals.

Family Therapy

Effective family therapy requires the care of a skilled clinician trained specifically in this form of treatment. Our therapists receive supervision and training in balancing the multitude of stressors, personal dynamics, and needs that various members of a family can bring to the table. Family therapy is especially beneficial when parents are struggling to identify and connect with their children, or when younger children are experiencing behavioral or emotional struggles.

Individual Therapy

It's a common misconception that Marriage and Family Therapists only work with married couples and families. The training and clinical experience that make them effective family and couple therapists also make them effective when delivering treatment to individuals. When seeing an MFT as an individual, you will find a clinician who takes a strengths-based approach while considering how your current and past environmental contexts; family-of-origin; and biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors impact your current problems.

Pre-Marital Therapy

Pre-Marital therapy differs from couples counseling in that it is short-term and guided through the use of validated assessments. Together with the couple, the therapist will address ways they can effectively work through issues such as disagreements, potential conflict, financial issues, parenting, and transitional stress. Research shows that the divorce rate is lower among couples who engage in pre-marital therapy with a skilled clinician who uses an assessment-focused approach to the process.